Our goal at Ethilogical is to improve the state of the world by helping businesses, organisations and individuals to make ethically-sound decisions.

We achieve this by providing our clients with an understanding of sophisticated ethical principles, best-practice decision making techniques, and the ability to apply these tools in a complex organisational environment.

Ethilogical’s services aim to demonstrate the value of evidence-based analysis and ethics-based decision making through training, strategic reviews, confidential and independent advice, and working with clients to analyse and resolve specific problems they face. These services present our clients numerous benefits, including improved decision making quality, the ability to effectively defend decisions made, improved public relations, enhanced staff morale and retention, risk management and problem/cost avoidance, and the opportunity for clients to leave a positive legacy.

You can see a list of our recent clients via this link:  ethilogical.com/clients

The Team

Gordon Young


IMG_8498Gordon Young is the principal of Ethilogical Consulting. As a professional ethicist he offers extensive understanding of decision-making methodologies, value articulation, challenge management and strategic planning necessary for success in today’s hyper-connected world. Gordon is a lecturer in Professional Ethics with RMIT University’s prestigious School of Design, and has provided consulting services to the St James Ethics Centre, Australian Scout Association, Rotary Australia, Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics, Laneway Learnings, and Australian Volunteers for International Development.

With over a decade of experience as a consulting project manager, Gordon is highly effective in understanding the specific needs and interests of our clients and adapting Ethilogical’s toolkit to serve them. Having worked in highly diverse environments including community development, government, technical consulting and international aid, Gordon understands the importance of matching stakeholder needs against the economic realities of business management, and assists his clients in striking that critical balance.

Gordon holds a Masters of Professional and Applied Ethics from Melbourne University, and a Bachelor in Social Science: Environment from RMIT University. He is also a Fellow of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership and a member of the St James Ethic Centre, Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics and Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.

Chris Young


CY profile photoFrom negotiating large Outsourcing contracts with governments to retrenching staff, Chris has built the skills and values to manage complex problems. As a senior manager within BHP for 15 years and working as a contractor for another 15 he has experienced both sides of corporate cultures good and bad. Chris understands the sales motives and need for a business to be successful in the short term, must be balanced with sustainability.

Chris has worked professionally for BHP Billiton, Fonterra, GMH Holden, ANZ bank, IAG insurance, Medibank and Yarra Valley Water. He has also conducted volunteer roles with Scouts Australia and several school councils. Chris is the joint owner and a Director of C2S Consulting Pty Ltd, providing consulting services to the technology and construction industries over the last 12 years.

Chris enjoys transferring the ethical skills I has learned from business into volunteer roles and vice versa, and extending this pursuit of challenge in his leisure time, participating in adventurous outdoor activities.

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